Serenading The Truth

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 Words dallied in my mind, all huddled together,

Quite reluctant to disentangle from each other,

And fly down to my blank, clean page.


I wanted to assign names, to my varied emotions,

That all at once, filled my heart, with tumultuous commotion,

Like birds, trapped in the long forgotten, rusted cage.


It was the freedom we all fought for,

Our rights, that had equality for all- once again let’s behold that faith,

And summon thy feelings, that’s called, grit and courage.


Serenading the words, thus nestled in my mind,

They beseech them, to not be afraid, for, the truth is one,

Truth is ultimate-It’s the opposite that we must assuage.

Aradhana Mishra



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      1. Thank Anuja , a single word of appreciation gives a basket full of motivation! and well you can now follow and subscribe to this page and you shall be informed about any new post through your mail.

    1. Thank you Monisha,
      I truly felt disturbed with certain incidences and couldn’t think of a better way to express.

    1. much Thanks Shaalini. :). N well, now u can follow and subscribe this page. Info abt any new post shall be sent to your mail box.

    1. Thank you Ketaki, The single word with two exclamation says a lot. And well, Now u can follow and subscribe this page to get info abt any new page that would be added..

    1. Thank you Sana. Each and every word of appreciation is special to me. And yes, now you can follow and subscribe this page for future intimation of new posts through your mail. Keep visiting .

  1. Aradhana, You have a gift for mixing words and creating imagery exemplified in your verb choices from your first sentence. I agree with your fans, and appreciate your talent!

    1. Thank you David for your kind words. Indeed humbled. Have been to your posts and always feel inspired. And yes ,if I may add, now you can follow and subscribe this page . You shall receive notification through your mail if any new post is added.

  2. Though the subject taken is most important and the writer was intended to some thing more about but she hesitated to use her pen. Language was so beautiful but the words were not so simple to understand in general. Hence I know the content was written not for common so because of that only the writing wouldn’t be less evaluated.

    1. Thank you Prem for your inputs. I do get what you intend to convey. thank for the compliment at the same time. And you can follow and subscribe my page to get notified about any new post that i would be sharing! 🙂

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